Chairman Greetings

Welcome to the home of the New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission!

NJIHC Chairman Robert DiBiaseFounded by legislative mandate in 2002, NJIHC celebrates New Jersey’s strong Italian heritage through the organization and promotion of cultural events throughout the state.

The Commission’s mission is “to strengthen the cultural identity of Italians and Italian Americans through public educational programs.” In addition to its Annual Congress, the Commission collaborates with local Italian organizations to support educational presentations and conferences. The Commission is also proud to have worked with New Jersey educators to create the lesson plans in the Universality of Italian Heritage Curriculum, which is a free resource for K-12 teachers.

The Commission is currently undertaking a number of exciting projects that will serve to promote the rich cultural heritage of Italians and Italian Americans in New Jersey. Please check our website regularly for all the latest news.

Explore our new website and feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Bob DiBiase


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